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  • Aware of Oppression: We will be intentional and critically engage with our work, taking into account the historical and current implications and practices of Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality oppression within Music Education.

  • Inclusive: Music Education is broadly defined to include all musical cultures and genres equally in the community. We believe if all cultures and genres are represented, our musical culture is enriched. 

  • Unified: We come to this work as equals, and prioritize the common goals of the Alliance. 

  • Reflective: We make an ongoing commitment to continue developing our personal and organizational understanding and practices of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  • Relationally Committed: We commit to approach the work of the Alliance and our communication with each other and the broader community with humility, curiosity, and transparency.


We imagine a future Denver where music organizations have come together to take joint action so that all people (regardless of their resources, ethnicity, neighborhood, sexuality, gender identity, or age) can find greater self-actualization through music.  We imagine a sustainable continuum of comprehensive music education that has a ripple effect, bringing more joy and increased well-being across the broader community.  We imagine a cooperative, solutions-oriented network that is adaptive and responsive to the changing needs of this great city so that the power of music is unleashed in new and creative ways.


AMEE unites organizations to identify and implement actions that address diversity, equity, and inclusivity in music education in Denver in a collective, transformational, measurable, and sustainable manner.

  • Create a long-term shared vision and strategy for the desired future of Music Education in Denver.

  • Engage with students and the community in meaningful conversations around equity and the importance of each voice.

  • Create systemic change through our work to institutionalize equity in our community.

  • Develop community awareness of Denver’s music education challenges.

  • Collaborate with Denver Public Schools at the district and individual school levels to support music education capacity and equity in Denver. 

  • Ensure access to an ongoing, active musical life for all people in Denver.

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