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While many music organizations are offering effective programming in their own communities, their independent strategies have had little impact in strengthening access to music education across the whole city. When music organizations were asked about the music education landscape in Denver, 63% mentioned challenges in equity and 72% said that these issues were of top priority in their organization. Despite these issues, music organizations have not yet collaborated to understand the problem and develop solutions. IMAGINE 2020 highlights the challenges of city-wide change in the arts, “exacerbated by a lack of leadership, coordinated action and mutual accountability.” 

By becoming an AMEE member, organizations and individuals are joining a community of administrators, educators and musicians who care about equity in music education and plan to work together to achieve this goal. AMEE members are given access to equity workshops, networking resources, needs assessment data and AMEE concerts and events.

If your organization is interested in membership, please fill out the AMEE Membership Application.

If you have questions and aren't quite ready to fill out an application, reach out to

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